Chairman’s Newsletter

Brief review of the 2016 exhibition

All the paintings submitted were accepted by the judges. They commented that the standard was very high. This year there were slightly fewer visitors than last year; the exhibition coincided with a two week period of very hot weather, and, although fewer paintings were sold, the total income was similar to previous years.

David and I were pleased to see everyone followed the selling/deposit taking instructions this year so finalising the exhibition accounts was a lot more straight forward - thank you.

Once again I must thank the small army of dedicated helpers who do so much unseen work without which it would be impossible to mount such a large exhibition. It is just a pity that we all rely on the same people every year to give up their time. And, once again, I must mention the immense contribution made by David Weight. I hope I never find out what it is like to organise the annual exhibition without him.

Next year's exhibition

Some dates for your diary: in 2017 the annual exhibition will again take place in the Southwold Scout Hall. Handing-in day will be on Saturday, 19th August. The exhibition will run from Monday, 21st August to Sunday, 3rd September.

Some reminders

The annual subscription for next year is now due. Please make sure you pay your £10 promptly if you have not set up a direct debit/standing order.

We urgently need some new blood to assist in the running of the Art Circle, either as a committee member, or someone who is willing to take on a particular responsibility. For example, we are looking to replace Muriel Lacey who wishes to step down after two very successful years of organising the programme of Saturday morning workshops. Please speak to David or me if you are willing to get involved.

Finally, remember that all members can become a Featured Artist on the Art Circle website. Several members have been contacted through this page to teach or undertake commissions.

Saturday Workshop Programme

The schedule of workshops and booking form will be sent as a separate email.

Once again, Muriel Lacey has worked extremely hard on arranging an interesting and varied programme. I know Muriel is very conscientious and has gone to great lengths to satisfy members requests. Thank you, Muriel, for all your hard work. I know it is very much appreciated by regular Workshop participants.

Final quote

"I feel rather ridiculous at not wanting to sell that sketch, especially when such a friend and such a knowing one lusts after it - But if my sketches are not here, how could I prove to myself and others that I am not a duffer ...These sketches keep up my morale and I never sell them".

John Singer Sargent in a letter to William Gair Rathbone.

N.B. Sargent often referred to his watercolour paintings as "sketches".

Very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year.


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