Chairman’s Newsletter

January 2020


Please see the programme of activities printed on the back of this Newsletter and make a note of the dates and times.

The Saturday Workshop flyer/booking form is a separate document. If you are interested in any of these workshops send the Booking Form and payment to Pam Hemming straightaway. These sessions are very popular. Early booking is necessary to secure a place.

Annual Subscription

It’s that time of year again. Subscriptions - only £10 for the year – are due in January. It is important that all members pay their “dues” on time. The easiest and simplest payment method for the Membership Secretary, the Treasurer and, of course, you, is to set up a Standing Order.

By the way, Banks will not process cheques made payable to SAC so please write Southwold Art Circle in full if paying by cheque – thank you.

Report on the summer exhibition 2019

I understand the turnover of many local (and national) businesses is suffering in these uncertain times. The exhibition visitor numbers and sales this year have seen a similar decline.

This year 64 artist members entered 249 paintings. However we had 23% fewer visitors than last year and consequently the number of paintings sold and the value of the sales were also down, 23.5% and 20.5% respectively. So the reduction in the volume and the value of pictures sold was in line with the reduced number of visitors.

The drop in sales together with the new cost of employing a steward to operate the card reader resulted in a loss this year. But card payments are here to stay. We shall have to find a way to cover this on-going cost. Interestingly, of the 36 paintings sold, all but three were paid for using our new card reader.

Sadly I have to report that we had a couple of incidents of abusive, even threatening, behaviour from members who had not followed the simple entry rules. We cannot tolerate this. I will remind members that we reserve the right to refuse or withdraw entries from members who do not follow the rules and behave inappropriately.


I have had the privilege of being Chairman for eight years; the normal time is three years. At the next AGM I plan to step aside and give another member the opportunity to be entrusted with the running of the Art Circle. Unfortunately my teaching commitments next year mean I will no longer be able to service the Art Circle properly. I have already had to miss two talks because of teaching; workshops and demonstrations are often booked a year or more in advance so planning is difficult. I am also away tutoring a residential course in the crucial week in the run up to next summer’s exhibition. I will, of course, give my (lucky) successor all the help I can during the changeover period. I would like to thank our President, the Committee and all members for their support and friendship.

Final Quotes

I think this Albert Einstein quote applies to painting although he no doubt had other things on his mind when he said it.

“Everything must be made as simple as possible. But not simpler.”

Very best wishes for Christmas and the New Year

Thank you.


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